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About us

Quality and Design Products.

The company Santori established itself as a leader in the field of furniture and design in the province of Lucca with a showroom of 5000 square meters as a business card. For years, it aims to design a house to measure the customer which provides the experience and expertise of its designers.

We Specialists in:


The antique furniture has always created unique emotions, furnishings which, more than any other can impart a strong style of our house. Each piece of furniture has been restored to its former beauty thanks to the work of master craftsmen, who with great expertise have given new life to objects that represent the history of furniture.


Every corner of the house should be studied in detail, to ensure the optimization of space in relation to their aesthetic and functional requirements. With our experience and expertise in interior design, you can decorate any room in a personal and creative, featuring with the style of your home strength.

Joinery & Carpentry

Imagine the house of your dreams customized for you, our craftsmen will help you achieve it. The customization has no limit whatever your needs; from color to wood, the size of the composition, up to the choice of every detail.